Activities are organised in 4 work packages (WP):


Title of the WP Outputs/Deliverables
1 Project Management
  • Kick off meeting, coordination meetings,
  • Financial reports, 
  • Mid - term and final reports.

Analysis of the current state of play of the established LESCs with emphasis on the CSOs participation in LESCs

  • developed Methodology for conducting the research,
  • developed Analysis of the participation and the cooperation between the CSO (civil ssociations, social partners), 
  • identified shortcomings in the process, SWOT analysis,
  • identified shortcomings on stakeholders side, i.e. level of advocating/lobbying skills and how they are applied, 
  • set of conclusions and recommendations for improvement.

Improvement of advocating skills and strategic lobbying management of the CSOs in the LESC

  • "Guide to strategic lobbying management for CSOs with impact on the local social and economic development" developed, 
  • 5 regional trainings for acquiring advocating 
  • skills organized, 
  • 4 workshops for  developing Common strategy for lobbying and involvement of rural CSOs in LESC organized, 
  • Strategy and initiatives for joint advocating approach at local and national level among Agrosindikat and representatives of citizens, farmers, agricultural workers and different CSOs from rural areas developed, 
  • 90 CSOs from 12 Municipalities including CSOs from related rural areas involved, 
  • 120 participants involved in the trainings and the workshops   
  • 25 - 30 municipal employees involved in LESC process participated in the trainings
  • Dissemination of project results and evaluation
  • -  Developed Project web based platform for facilitation of lobbying
  • Evaluation sheets and reports of each organised training 
  • Final National Conference 
  • Project leaflet, Project factsheet, 
  • Regular project information on artners and applicants websites including social networks 
  • project page updates


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